About Us

When We Go Together, We Grow Together.

A Collective Approach To Telling  Our Stories & Building Community

Come Through is a full-service creative agency and collective centered around collaborating with and uplifting BIPOC creators.

We do 2 main things.

First, we partner with companies to do everything from creative direction to video production, and we’ve got an amazing, home-grown, intersectional stock photo library we can use for marketing efforts.

Secondly, we offer creatives of color a membership-only community with regular gatherings where we can be ourselves and feel seen, heard, and supported in our creative endeavors.

Our Mission

Come Through was founded on the belief that as BIPOC creatives, we thrive best through collaboration and community. We’ve seen amazing things happen when we come together to share what we’ve learned, what we’re struggling with, and what fills us with joy.

How We Roll…

Good Music – We’re soulful music aficionados. Our events tend to flow along a soundtrack that’s hand-picked to inspire intimacy, good vibes and spark conversations that flow naturally.

Open Dialogue – We keep it real. Our collective experience as community organizers, passionate creatives and business owners of color are nuanced and it’s imperative that we create safe spaces for open, respectful and judgement-free dialogue.

Our mission as a collective is twofold:

We offer companies a full suite of agency services, consulting on inclusivity initiatives, and an intersectional stock photo library featuring some dope folks from our very own community. All of our work, from creative direction to video production, is centered around increasing visibility for BIPOC creatives, an area that many companies struggle with or overlook.

We also offer BIPOC creators a community, a place for rest, support, and inspiration, to commune with other creatives of color and feel seen and heard. We’re into bonding more than “networking,” chilling more than “circling back.” Our membership-only platform offers regular cultural and learning experiences in partnership with brands, businesses, and community leaders—and most importantly, we have a good ass time together.

Intimate Settings – Homey vibes and small crowds. Whether we’re learning, playing or creating together we keep things small whenever possible.

Art Direction – Special care gets poured into everything we do. We value attention to detail and curating cultural experineces that resonate and appeal to the senses.

Our Founders

Virgen Barnet

Founder & Creative Director

Virgen, founded Come Through along with her creative and business besties. Her professional background is in Graphic and Website Design. Her passion is Creative Direction and curating memorable experiences for creative communities both on and off the interwebs.

She’s an advocate for STEM and Tech learning opportunities for young women of color as well as a full-time mami. 

Daniel Christian

Co-Founder & Production Lead

Daniel is passionate about music and making sure every community touch point is pressed with Come Through’s signature vibes.

He’s especially enthusiastic about connecting creatives and leveraging his logistics background to create events and experiences that are equal parts intuitive and solid.

Work With Us:

Let’s Collaborate On:

  • Brand Activations
  • Partnerships
  • Special Events
  • Campaigns
  • Digital Programming
Come Through - Mastermind Group For People of Color

Hire Us To:

  • Art Direct
  • Source BIPOC Creative Talent
  • Create Digital Content (Photo, Video, Design)
  • Create/Curate Social Media Content
  • Visual Branding / Web + Graphic Design
  • Consult On Your DEI Marketing/Creative Strategy

We partner with Brands, Businesses and Community organizations to increase visibility of and provide resources to creators of color. Come Through is a West coast based collective of creatives and influencers who seek to uplift their respective multi-cultural communities. Keep us in mind for your next event or campaign. For inquiries contact us directly at hello@joincomethrough.com

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