Culture Stock: “Whine & Toast” Garden Party & Photoshoot Event

Culture Stock: “Whine & Toast” Garden Party & Photoshoot Event

Culture Stock: “Whine & Toast” Garden Party & Photoshoot Event

 A slow whine upon sunset to toast to community, collaborators and joy!

Culture Stock is Come Through’s premiere collaborative project in partnership with the talented photography and film duo at Studio Luniste. Creatives, industry leaders and brands connect and support our mission to feature Black, Brown and API folx in stock photography. This event is uniquely co-operative in nature, wherein participants are the models and stock-photo holders along with our sponsors.

Visibility opens the doors to possibility. Feeling seen, authentically in our full joy, genius, and color is integral to elevating the communities we care about most.

This summer, on Sunday, July 12th, 2020 the 2nd installment of Culture Stock takes you outside. Revel in the golden hours of the day and shine in the lush canyon views of this private San Diego garden. Keeping in mind Covid-19 safety measures for gathering and co-existing this open air affair offers several nooks and crannies to relax, dine with your pod and take some beautiful images and videos socially distanced – togetherish.

We nuh rise and boast
Yeah we give thanks

We haffi give thanks like we really supposed to, be thankful…”

             – Toast, Kofee – Rapture

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

All proceeds of this event will directly finance curators and upcoming programming featuring resources for POC creators and community organizers, namely Black facilitators in Design, Business & Event fields. Contact Us at for Sponsorship & Vendor details.

Sunday, July 12th – 5:30pm – 8:00pm

More than ever before we’re feeling called to pull-up to the movement exuding the brightest parts of us, showing up in community and relishing in what makes our collective cultures unique and joyous.

  • Our partners Charlene and Enrique of Studio Luniste will be onsite to capture the joy on film. (Still Photography & Video)
  • Our in-house turn-tablist Daniel Christian will be spinning some of our fave Caribbean tunes and setting the vibes for this early evening soiree.
  • Enjoy a light dinner gnosh provided by us
  • Bring your favorite fizzy beverage to take part in our culminating Toast! (Glasses will be provided)

Why Whine & Toast? 

This edition of Culture Stock was inspired by the tropical-like vibes of this natural oasis and Koffee’s song, a modern reggae and gratitude anthem ‘Toast.’ Jamaican whine is a rhythmic dance and a whole shmood full of joyful vibes. Also, we love a great a pun so whine not!

2020 played no games and the heaviness continues to lurk. Whine & Toast is an opportunity to unwind, be in community – safely and cap off the evening with a Toast of gratitude to those who continue to show-up on the front lines of social injustice, uncertainty and of course toast to our ancestors.

Space is limited and there are only a few pod and duo options for seating. Register and reserve your spot today.


Sponsor The Next Culture Stock Event

Have an idea for a shoot? Does your brand or business have a deficit of beautiful lifestyle photography or film featuring Black, Brown or API folx? Come Through and Studio Luniste, would love to work with you!

Yes, Let's Connect!

Second Wind: How To Catch Your Creative & Business Flow Again

Second Wind: How To Catch Your Creative & Business Flow Again

Second Wind: How To Catch Your Creative & Business Flow Again

Wednesday, July 1st – 5:30pm – 7:00pm

‘Low-Key Canceled’ – Hosted by BLK Creatives HQ

A town-hall style discussion on the state of events and event prep as reopening takes place- i.e., event space rental, event insurance, open mics. Relating to the fears and hopes of the communities we serve. Understanding the reopening guidelines from the state and city, costs of re-opening from ppe to fees, loans, grants and other resources available for funding, customer interactions in terms of re-opening & re-positioning.

Get back into a creative flow through crisis and uncertainty.

We’ve teamed-up with BlkCreatives SD, SD Black Entrepreneurs and Black SD Magazine to co-host this ‘Second Wind’ series. In this series our mission is to be a hub for re-envisioning business and creativity “as usual” for local business owners, community organizers and content creators. In the spirit of collective energy and collaboration we’re hoping to inspire you to create, inform and get back to business as a means to uplift and support each other during these difficult times.

Come Through is kicked things off by holding space for a community check-in and unpacking how to get back into a creative flow. 

There’s also a dance break with a live set by DJ Daniel and some fun Q&A games to connect. Roll out your best Zoom background, stage the fancy corner of your room, grab dinner, a drink and settle in for the vibes!

 June 10th, 2020 – B(L)ack To Business Panel Discussion Hosted by SD Black Entrepreneurs

We’re discussing how to mindfully and ethically re-open your brick-n-mortar businesses and in-person services in a way that keeps people safe and accountable in their efforts to stay in solidarity and support of the Black Lives Matter agenda and demands.

<—   Watch the replay! 

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