Culture Stock: “Whine & Toast” Garden Party & Photoshoot Event

Culture Stock: “Whine & Toast” Garden Party & Photoshoot Event

Culture Stock: “Whine & Toast” Garden Party & Photoshoot Event

 A slow whine upon sunset to toast to community, collaborators and joy!

Culture Stock is Come Through’s premiere collaborative project in partnership with the talented photography and film duo at Studio Luniste. Creatives, industry leaders and brands connect and support our mission to feature Black, Brown and API folx in stock photography. This event is uniquely co-operative in nature, wherein participants are the models and stock-photo holders along with our sponsors.

Visibility opens the doors to possibility. Feeling seen, authentically in our full joy, genius, and color is integral to elevating the communities we care about most.

This summer, on Sunday, July 12th, 2020 the 2nd installment of Culture Stock takes you outside. Revel in the golden hours of the day and shine in the lush canyon views of this private San Diego garden. Keeping in mind Covid-19 safety measures for gathering and co-existing this open air affair offers several nooks and crannies to relax, dine with your pod and take some beautiful images and videos socially distanced – togetherish.

We nuh rise and boast
Yeah we give thanks

We haffi give thanks like we really supposed to, be thankful…”

             – Toast, Kofee – Rapture

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

All proceeds of this event will directly finance curators and upcoming programming featuring resources for POC creators and community organizers, namely Black facilitators in Design, Business & Event fields. Contact Us at for Sponsorship & Vendor details.

Sunday, July 12th – 5:30pm – 8:00pm

More than ever before we’re feeling called to pull-up to the movement exuding the brightest parts of us, showing up in community and relishing in what makes our collective cultures unique and joyous.

  • Our partners Charlene and Enrique of Studio Luniste will be onsite to capture the joy on film. (Still Photography & Video)
  • Our in-house turn-tablist Daniel Christian will be spinning some of our fave Caribbean tunes and setting the vibes for this early evening soiree.
  • Enjoy a light dinner gnosh provided by us
  • Bring your favorite fizzy beverage to take part in our culminating Toast! (Glasses will be provided)

Why Whine & Toast? 

This edition of Culture Stock was inspired by the tropical-like vibes of this natural oasis and Koffee’s song, a modern reggae and gratitude anthem ‘Toast.’ Jamaican whine is a rhythmic dance and a whole shmood full of joyful vibes. Also, we love a great a pun so whine not!

2020 played no games and the heaviness continues to lurk. Whine & Toast is an opportunity to unwind, be in community – safely and cap off the evening with a Toast of gratitude to those who continue to show-up on the front lines of social injustice, uncertainty and of course toast to our ancestors.

Space is limited and there are only a few pod and duo options for seating. Register and reserve your spot today.


Sponsor The Next Culture Stock Event

Have an idea for a shoot? Does your brand or business have a deficit of beautiful lifestyle photography or film featuring Black, Brown or API folx? Come Through and Studio Luniste, would love to work with you!

Yes, Let's Connect!

April Wellness & Self Care Series

April Wellness & Self Care Series

Project: BIPOC Wellness Series

April, 2020

At the peak of uncertainty and the beginning of a lengthy period of pandemic isolation Come Through enlisted the support and collaborative efforts of wellness coaches, practitioners and brands to host a month-long series of virtual mental health, wellness and self-care events and check-ins. Experts shared techniques, practices and products while attendees formed strong communal bonds and weighed in on the current state of their mental and physical well-being. Come Through was proud to feature BIPOC businesses and experts as leaders and resources to our larger community during this emotionally stressful time. 


Kicking off our month-long series of Wellness & Self-Care resources is a special keynote with Lisane Basquiat. Entrepreneur and Coach at Lisane will be sharing a bit about the tools she uses and teaches to help become in better alignment with the practices that support your own mental, spiritual and physical wellness. 

Events & Featured Creators

Thursday, April 16th @ 6:30pm PST

Join Come Through Co-Founder and Former DJ, Daniel Christian, for a live spin session! Follow us on IG LIVE so you don’t miss it!

Music is one of our favorite outlets for releasing stagnant feelings and bodies! While we won’t have the opportunity to facilitate an event in real life, we can still help you enjoy some relaxation, release and fun!

Featuring Local Wellness & Self-Care Practitioners & Creatives

Weekly on “Wellness Wednesday” and throughout the week we’re creating Featured Post and Shout-Outs in our IG Stories to share the work, programs and products of local, black and brown, west-coast wellness creators. It’s important to us feature those already doing the work to hold space for others, inform and create resources for inspiration, wellness and improved daily life through this unprecedented time.

Pictured: Coleen Grace, holistic healing and wellness practictioner.

Enjoy & Explore Cannabis & CBD Infused Goods From Local Apothecaries Or Delivery Services

During this private Zoom link-up, feel free to partake in whatever goodies you love or are curious about. We’ll be sending you information on our favorite apothecaries and delivery services. Don’t forget to bring some snacks too! This event is exclusive to members of our mailing list only.  

For The Curious Or Connoisseur: 4/20 Cannabis 101 & Chill Vibes Link-Up

Though we’re sorely going to miss the opportunity to gather IRL for our monthly Listening Party, we’re still vested in hearing about your passions and sharing ours. At Come Through we’re passionate about music, community and the activities that enable us to be open-up and share freely. We weren’t going to pass-up on discussing and enjoying all the music and culture that surrounds this day and herb.

If you’re curious or a connoisseur about the use of cannabis or CBD for relieving stress, anxiety and increasing endorphins – tune in for a special discussion and Virtual Listening Party.

Tuesday, April 28th, 12:30pm – 1:45pm PST

Enjoy some ease and flow as we get our yoga stretching, posing and meditation – ON! Multi-passionate and talented, Museum Curator and Yogi, Camille Bethune-Brown.

Wind-down the energy of the month and the day. Learn how to put yourself into your very own cocoon of harnessed energy, calm and flow.

Want to be featured?

We’d love to feature more black and brown healers, wellness experts and practitioners. If this is you or you would like to nominate someone to be featured on our social media and email newsletter let us know. Email Us at