Diversifying The Way We Create & Curate Stock Photogoraphy

What Is ‘Culture Stock’

‘Culture Stock’ is Come Through’s ongoing event and initiative to crowdfund and build an inclusive stock photo library.  In partnership with the talented photography and film duo at Studio Luniste Come Through hosts crowd-funded photoshoots and DIY workshops for BIPOC Creatives. Industry leaders and brands support our mission to feature Black, Brown and API folx in stock photography by sponsoring space, products or funds. This event is uniquely co-operative in nature, wherein participants are the models and stock-photo holders in addition to our sponsors.

Visibility opens the doors to possibility. Feeling seen, authentically in our full joy, genius, and color is integral to elevating the communities we care about most.

While ‘Culture Stock’ is a series of live events and only participants have access to images, Come Through leverages these events to capture images for public sale/use.

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Disrupting How We View Leadership

“Traditional” leadership, especially as reflected in media and stock libraries, is staunch, often cold and consertive. Come Through is on a mission to disrupt the who and how of leadership. By re-imagining business and leisure landscapes and centering people of color in their multitudes.  

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

All proceeds of this event will directly finance curators and upcoming programming featuring resources for POC creators and community organizers, namely Black, Latinx & AAPI facilitators in Design, Business & Event fields. Contact Us at Hello@Joincomethrough.com for Sponsorship & Vendor details.

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Have an idea for a shoot? Does your brand or business have a deficit of beautiful lifestyle photography or film featuring Black, Brown or API folx? Come Through and Studio Luniste, would love to work with you!

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