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An Exclusive Membership Community For BIPOC Creators
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Come Through - Mastermind Group For People of Color


Top, vetted, Creatives, Tech, and Business experts provide mentorship, workshops, digital resources and live events. 

Content Collaboration

Tired of creating in isolation? Share your projects, troubleshoot issues, and learn from a community of fellow BIPOC creators.


Stay focused and get support to keep up with your goals with weekly accountability check-ins, peer mentors and opportunities to brainstorm and chill together.

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Exclusive Content

Get an all access pass to Come Through’s live virtual events, including Listening Parties, Discussion series’ and Creator Q&As.


Sharing Is Caring

Share a job listing, gig, or project with our community. Reach a diverse pool of talent and creators who are excited to collaborate and share expertise!

Good Vibes

We’re not all projects and education… our community is host to a myriad of culture curators, chefs, musicians, artists and film-makers sharing live events and digital experiences.


A safe space to connect with a growing community of Black, Latinx, and API folx of all genders, backgrounds and fields – Creatives, Tech Professionals, Business and Wellness Experts.

Come Through - Mastermind Group For People of Color

Premium Content

Access our growing digital library of pre-recorded lessons, performances, downloadable guides and creative + business starter guides.

When we go together, we grow together.

In our Cypher everyone brings their own unique energy, expertise and lived experiences. We show up and share what we know to help eachother make it past survival mode, grow and thrive.  Our contributors make themselve’s avialble for Office Hours, Q&A opportunities and live events, like Listening Parties, to share their latest projects, talent and passion for seeing the Culture WIN!

Show-Up Share & Shift

Follow through on that passion-project you’ve been considering, share what you know, get answers to your creative, tech, or business questions. Launch, polish or demo your latest creations with a supportive community of Creators of Color. Get your shit done this year – with a little support and a lot of resources.

Join For The Lives

Monthly live programming that include community wellness and project check-ins, live music, premium content via our partners – like wine sampling, yoga lessons and photography + content creation hacks from the pros.

Become A Contributor, Share Your expertise.

Become A Contributor

Get free access to our community! Create a new revenue stream, teach an online course, lead a live workshop or demo your consulting services with our community’s Office Hours program. A great way to be an accessible resource for BIPOC Creators. 


Come Through - Mastermind Group For People of Color

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Offer Consulting

Want to hone your consulting skills? Offer consulting services through our Office Hours program. Set your format, price and scheduling preference.


Share A Digital Course

Design, record and build your first online class and demo it with our community! Make it accessible to the group, sell it for a premium or share it outside the group! 


Create A Sub-Cypher

Host and curate your own group. Great for a book club, focus group, or premium services or resources.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to support Black, Latinx and API creators? Get in touch with us to sponsor a workshop series or event. Advertise an opportunity or product with us. Reach a growing community of professionals of color in Creative, Tech and Business fields.

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