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Cutwater Spirits™


Cutwater Spirits™’s in-house creative studio reached out to Come Through to help them color more diversity into their 2021 holiday and general lifestyle product photography database.

Image via HB Photos

Come Through Presents:

Chosen Family Festivities

In response to Cutwater's request to diversify their content Come Through proposed the concept of casting models that would represent "Chosen Family" members.

We decided to disrupt the typical way we view familial, specifically holiday, gatherings. By intentionally selecting models that represented a variety of age ranges and more closely reflected a values-based synergy amongst them.

To do this we reached out to local community in combination with our in-house directory. The shoot experience was full of awe and joy as many participants felt instantly “at home” with each other.

Deliverables: Lifestyle photography for Cutwater Spirits™, un-branded stock photo library for Come Through’s personal and commercial use.

“Biological family is sometimes associated with words that instigate fear, danger, and insecurity, while the concept of chosen family is associated with words like trusting, like-minded, understanding, welcoming, loving, committed, etc. “

Conceptualizing “Family” and the Role of “Chosen Family” within the LGBTQ+ Refugee Community: A Text Network Graph Analysis

Evergreen Product Photography

Cutwater's team wanted to capture vignettes they could repurpose over time, using their main drink and brand staples.

Organic Mixology

Come Through enlisted real couple Omar & Gina for Cutwater's parent's time-in vignettes.

Collaborative Content Creation

Our in-house photog captures content for our personal and commercial stock library.

Talent Equity

Models receive a % of sales each time their images are purchased. Providing them with additional income opportunities.

Creative Conspirators

We pride ourselves on our rich, multidisciplinary, cultural reservoir of creative talent. Every project is produced collaboratively to authentically represent the communities we care about most.

Client / Studio Team

Cutwater Spirits™


HB Photos, Hannah Bernabe

BTS Photographer / PA

Esther Chaco

Shaping Sanctuary™

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Come Through, To Get Through·

Come Through, To Get Through·

Come Through, To Get Through·

Come Through, To Get Through·