Pride / Rainbow Roll Event + Shoot


Studio, Kris & Crowne, SD Skate


Produce a LGBTQIA+ photoshoot that would increase visibility of Queer people typically lost in mainstream campaigns and media. The shoot would also support marketing a pride event at a local San Diego skate rink.

Come Through Media Creative Agency

Photographer: Hannah Bernabe,

Come Through Presents:

Rainbow Roll

The Rainbow Roll campaign shoot was a labor of love, expression and intersectional LGBTQIA+ visibility.

Creative brainchild of community organizers and multi-hyphenate creators Kris and Crowne Reaves-Andrews, ‘Rainbow Roll’ enlisted local aspiring models from diverse pockets of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

“I'm a Fat Disabled Filipinx/a/o Non-binary Queer who is born and raised in San Diego. I'm a full-time Broadcaster on Twitch who manages, and actively cultivates and inclusive online community.”

Nicole MaloanShe/They

More than a celebration. Come Through created a campaign experience and opportunity for equitable, intersectional visibility and representation.

Feeling Seen

I identify as a male, he/his, and also mine. “Mine” defines me accepting myself of who I am.. my sexual preference and my personality in general. Once you accept the fact you’re different, you will forever be grateful that you stand out amongst others.
- Sydnny (He/Him)

Talent Equity

This shoot is available for purchase as stock photography and participants receive majority royalties, indefinitely.

Love 4 All

Capturing love, joy, and unbridled euphoria in every snap!

Creative Conspirators

Art Direction – Virgen Barnet
Photographers – HB Photos + Alessandra De Roe
Styled by – Chris Rodriguez

Multi-Hyphenate Creators

Kris & Crowne Reaves-Andrews

alessandra de roe - for come through media

Alessandra De Roe


HB Photos, Hannah Bernabe

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Come Through, To Get Through·

Come Through, To Get Through·

Come Through, To Get Through·

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