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Collaboration Across Community Lines

Come Through is an inclusive community platform that celebrates black, brown and API contributions to mainstream and local community culture and media.

Through collaboration – we strengthen efforts to uplift, celebrate and center visibility opportunities for our respective communities.

When we go together we grow together. That’s the mission. 

Come Through - Mastermind Group For People of Color

Vibes Online & Off

Community is everything and we do our part to stay connected. It costs nothing to be a part of our cypher. All we ask is that you show up and share.

Join us on Slack for weekly accountability meetups and resource sharing, or follow us on Instagram to stay connected and inspired.

Our live events are curated to showcase creatives, learn from experienced community or industry leads, and have a dope time creating together.

Want to Collaborate?

Collaboration is our strength and focus. If you have an idea for an event, or project let us know.

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