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Transform and transcend everyday rituals into opportunities for luxuriating, meditating and “Shaping Sanctuary” at home or wherever you are.

Credits: HB Photos for Shaping Freedom™ via Come Through Media, Inc.

It’s the little rituals like stretching and meditating that bring self-connection, peace and enrichment to your everyday life.
- Lisane Basquiat
Shaping Freedom Presents:

Shaping Sanctuary By Lisane Basquiat™

Shaping Freedom™ asks, "How do you find your center?"

Lisane Basquiat™ of Shaping Freedom™, a personal development and wellness platform, created a line of self-care and wellness products. Candles, Yoga mats and more. For their initial product launch and promotional campaign Lisane asked Art Director Virgen Barnet to create a content series that reflected transcendence, “Shaping Sanctuary” wherever one might be. Specifically, capturing moments where everyone from a busy dad to a high-achieving student can use Shaping Sanctuary products to activate a moment of stillness.

Deliverables: Film, videographer Harlan Lovings provided several shorts, reels and a full promotional video. Hannah Bernabe, of HB Photos captured stills, and Esther Chaco, Shaping Freedom™ Social Media Manager generated social content for Lisane’s personal and business social media platforms.

The Shaping Sanctuary™ Online Boutique offers high quality, beautifully crafted yoga mats created with the intention of supporting you in your daily practice of cherishing your mind, body, emotions, and soul connection.

Designed With Intention

Designed to support energetic alignment with every moment on the mat.

Let’s Get Social

Talent, Founder and Production Team had a blast creating reels for social and celebrating self-care!

Collaborative Content Creation

Videographer and Director Harlan Lovings in action.

Access Granted

Come Through sourced fresh faces of all ages to highlight the limitless nature of the brand.

Creative Conspirators

We pride ourselves on our rich, multidisciplinary, cultural reservoir of creative talent. Every project is produced collaboratively to authentically represent the communities we care about most.

Art /Film Direction by Virgen Barnet

Video Production

1831 Media Co.

Event Photographer

HB Photos, Hannah Bernabe

P.A. & Content Creation

Esther Chaco

Shaping Sanctuary™

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